Tired of Being Tired? This One Shift Unlocks Endless Energy

Tired of Being Tired? This One Shift Unlocks Endless Energy

energy exercise health wellness Apr 27, 2024

Are your energy levels letting you down?

Feeling completely exhausted after a day's work, ready to flop on the couch.

Desperately craving for rest to recharge your battery.

But what if I tell you that rest is draining your battery even more. That how you deal with tiredness is what’s making you tired.

It's time to stop feeling chronically run down. Let's inject some natural power back into your life.

Here's how to unlock endless energy by making one critical mindset shift.

An Energizing Lesson

Last Monday I had a training session with my client Marc.

Before the workout he told me he felt tired.

He felt that training too hard probably wasn’t a good idea and taking it easy was the better option.

Marc isn’t the type of guy to go soft on himself.

So, I asked “why are you tired?”

He said he had taken a two-day course over the weekend and It was very exhausting.

I asked “are you physically tired or mentally tired?”

“Physically tired” he said convincingly.

I highly doubted that. So I asked if he was sure.

“Yes, I’m sure”

I said that I highly doubted that, because he didn’t do anything physical.

You see, how can you become physically tired if you didn’t do anything physical?

Taking a course can be mentally intense. But physically it was nothing more than sitting for the majority of the day, instead of the usual bike ride or hike.

He begged to differ. I didn’t argue, so we went on with the training.

When he trains with me, I’m the one picking the weights.

I don’t just pick the weights randomly, we progress based on his last session. So, just as usual, I did exactly that. Meaning that he used heavier weights than the week before, without any problems.

During the session he started taking notice that we didn’t hold back.

Honest guy as he is, he said; “you where right, I’m not physically tired”.

Indeed, he wasn’t physically tired. He was mentally tired.

He felt mentally exhausted from the weekend, feeling lower energy than usual. His interpretation was that he was being physically tired and would be weaker than normal.

But that wasn’t the case.

The lesson learned can be very powerful. You can benefit from it as well, if you can apply it to your life effectively.

Let’s find out how.

More Energy

I want to have more energy — the average Joe

All prospects I interview in my gym have one thing in common.

They all want more energy.

Literally 10 out of 10 people.

They all say they feel tired all the time.

But are they actually tired? No.

  • They feel tired
  • They feel exhausted
  • They feel low energy

But have you ever considered that a feeling might mislead you?

Look at the example of my client Marc. He felt tired, but he definitely wasn’t.

Here’s the problem:

If you don’t know the difference between mentally tired or physically tired, you’ll respond in the wrong way.

This is the correct response:

  • Physically tired → Rest
  • Mentally tired → Move

If you confuse the two, it’ll cost you.

That’s what happens with most people.

Don’t Confuse Physical With Mental

“I’m tired, I worked hard today”

You probably said this to yourself many times.

But are you actually working “hard”?

We don't work 10+ hours a day mining coal, do we?

That’s what working hard physically looks like.

Let’s be honest, your average work day involves something like this:

  • Traffic
  • Desk work
  • Meetings
  • Zoom calls

Probably all sedentary, doing absolutely nothing physically.

But you need rest at the end of the day?

Seriously, rest?

No, you need physical activity!

Your body adapts to anything. If you’re “resting” all the time, what do you think is going to happen?

You get weak, out of shape and probably end up in pain.

That’s going to cost a lot of energy, one way or another.

It definitely won’t generate it, I can guarantee you that.

If you want to have more energy, move more.

  • Be active
  • Play sports
  • Exercise
  • Go to the gym

You can’t sit on your ass all day expecting to be an energy powerhouse.

It doesn’t work that way.

Your body is meant to move, not to be passive.

Inactivity is the biggest threat to mankind (not AI).

Use your body as intended: MOVE.

Energy will naturally follow.

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