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From failed weight-loss attempts to lean for life: 7 things you can’t overlook. Dec 23, 2023

Losing weight has no value if you aren’t able to keep the weight off.

More people than not, lose hundreds of pounds in their life and are still overweight.

What many don’t realize is that sustainable weight loss requires sustainable behavior change.

In other words, you need to change...

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The Real Reason You Can't Lose Weight: That No One Talks About Dec 03, 2023

More and more people have an unhealthy body, and fewer and fewer are doing anything about it.

Have you ever caught yourself being unhappy with your weight or physical condition, yet doing nothing about it?

Even though you often complain about it.

What you might not realize is that your brain...

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From Temporary Weight Loss to Lifelong Leanness: The Fundamental Approach Nov 25, 2023

Prediction for the future: being lean is destined for only a select few.

Trend: People are becoming increasingly overweight and unhealthy. In the Western world, there are now more overweight than lean individuals.

Losing weight is by far the most common health goal pursued.

Yet, fewer and fewer...

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