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Turn Weight Loss Resolutions Into Reality: 5 Must Known Steps to Start With Jan 06, 2024

You've made your new year's resolutions. During the holidays you decided to finally lose those excess kilo's. Dreaming about getting that lean body made you feel excited and motivated.

Now it's januari. The good feeling is already fading. Nevertheless, it's time to get to work and achieve your...

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From failed weight-loss attempts to lean for life: 7 things you can’t overlook. Dec 23, 2023

Losing weight has no value if you aren’t able to keep the weight off.

More people than not, lose hundreds of pounds in their life and are still overweight.

What many don’t realize is that sustainable weight loss requires sustainable behavior change.

In other words, you need to change...

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Achieve Your Goals: My Proven 3-step Framework for New Year Resolutions Dec 09, 2023

In this newsletter, I'm providing you with a powerful framework to turn your resolutions into reality.

Let's be honest, you make resolutions for a reason.

Behind that reason lies a deeper, more significant reason.

A reason important enough to take your resolutions seriously.

Imagine if you had...

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