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Why losing weight is a waste of time (and what to aim for instead) May 04, 2024

Losing weight is a waste of time.

Yes, you read that right, losing weight is a waste of time.

If you're struggling with weight loss right now; just stop it.

You're wasting time, money, and energy for absolutely nothing.

You waste potential starving yourself.

You waste money on supplements.


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Fads to Facts: 5 Weight Loss Myths That Keep You Fat Feb 17, 2024

 They’ll tell you:

  • Do this exercise to lose weight FAST
  • Follow this diet to lose weight FAST
  • Take this pill to lose weight FAST

They also tell you:

  • STOP eating carbs to lose weight
  • STOP eating fats to lose weight
  • STOP doing cardio to lose weight

You know what, It’s all...

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Stop Damaging Your Back Sitting Down: 4 Sitting Positions That Save Your Back Jan 27, 2024

In the modern world, desk jobs are destroying more bodies than heavy physical labor.

Like most people, you probably spend over 8 hours a day at a desk. Maybe you've already experienced headaches, neck and shoulder pain, or lower back discomfort.

Prolonged sitting can be incredibly damaging to...

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Training For Lifelong Leanness: My 4-Elements Framework Jan 19, 2024

“What’s the best exercise for losing weight?” Sounds familiar, right?

Cardio used to be the go-to. Now, it’s all about lifting weights. Or should you go full throttle with high-intensity workouts? Wait, maybe it’s slow and steady cardio after all.

Opinions are...

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The Real Reason You Can't Lose Weight: That No One Talks About Dec 03, 2023

More and more people have an unhealthy body, and fewer and fewer are doing anything about it.

Have you ever caught yourself being unhappy with your weight or physical condition, yet doing nothing about it?

Even though you often complain about it.

What you might not realize is that your brain...

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From Temporary Weight Loss to Lifelong Leanness: The Fundamental Approach Nov 25, 2023

Prediction for the future: being lean is destined for only a select few.

Trend: People are becoming increasingly overweight and unhealthy. In the Western world, there are now more overweight than lean individuals.

Losing weight is by far the most common health goal pursued.

Yet, fewer and fewer...

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Instant Gratification vs. Sustainable Success: How to Beat Short-Term Thinking to Improve Your Health and Well-being. Nov 04, 2023

In the digital age, short-term enjoyment seeking is the biggest threat to our health and wellbeing. No one is immune to this, even the most successful people on earth.

We live in a world where our behavior is constantly influenced by external factors, like social media, commercials, ads,...

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Pleasure vs. Value: Opting for Sustainable Success Without Compromising Your Health. Oct 28, 2023

Nowadays, an increasing number of ambitious individuals are in poor physical condition. The road to success demands hard work, putting in long hours, and spending a lot of time seated in an office.

It's not uncommon for driven individuals to sideline their health and well-being in the pursuit of...

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