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Answer These 5 Questions if You Want Life Changing Succes in The Gym May 18, 2024

You want to go to the gym. But you don’t know where to start.

Maybe, you’re already going to the gym. But you don’t see results.

Or, you’re considering going to the gym. But are not sure yet.

It doesn’t really matter at what point you are right now.

What matters is...

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Stop Gambling with Your Health: 5 Steps to Take Control May 11, 2024

Your health.

It’s your everything.

It’s your most important asset.

Without it, you don’t have anything.

If you’re not in peak health today, you have to act now.

Before you neglect it.

Before you accept it.

Before it’s too late.

Health is a matter of choice, not a...

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The Only Way to Know if You’re Losing Weight Apr 13, 2024

“I just can’t lose weight.”

“I’m doing all this work, but nothing happens.”

“The scale just won’t go down.”

Sound familiar?

This is what 99% of people struggling with weight loss complain about.

But it isn’t true.

If you eat in a calorie...

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From Desk to Gym: 3 Key Exercises For Unbreakable Shoulders Feb 10, 2024

Last week, we uncovered the risks of standard pressing exercises for those of us tied to desks all day.

We delved into how 'beginner' routines might hurt you due to compromised shoulder mobility from endless hours of sitting.

You learned two straightforward tests to assess whether your shoulders...

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Training For Lifelong Leanness: My 4-Elements Framework Jan 19, 2024

“What’s the best exercise for losing weight?” Sounds familiar, right?

Cardio used to be the go-to. Now, it’s all about lifting weights. Or should you go full throttle with high-intensity workouts? Wait, maybe it’s slow and steady cardio after all.

Opinions are...

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Balancing Health with a Hectic Schedule Jan 13, 2024

Today I’m going to help you to give your health a prominent place in your busy schedule.

Starting anything new can be overwhelming. Especially if you have a busy schedule. You’re short on time and spending it on anything other than your business can seem like a distraction.

I coached...

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