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Strength Training 101: How to Choose the Right Weights Apr 06, 2024

Do you use the right weights in the gym?

The reality is, most people just don't know.

That's a problem, and here's why:

  • Using too light weights will get you no results.
  • Using too heavy weights will lead to injury and no results.

As a seasoned athlete with 15 years of experience as a trainer and...

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15 One-Sentence Strength Training Rules Mar 23, 2024

Strength training can truly transform your life. It has the power to build a robust, healthy and eye-catching physique.

But only if done correctly.

Most gym-goers don't have a clue of what they're doing. They might be missing knowledge, skill, dedication or a mixture of the three.

Here's a...

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This is Why You're Not Seeing Results in the Gym Mar 09, 2024

You want to lose weight, but you're not shedding a single pound.

You want to get fitter, but you still feel drained.

You want to get stronger, but you keep getting injured.

You had resolved to work out consistently, but you've already quit.

Achieving results at the gym seems straightforward, but...

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Fads to Facts: 5 Weight Loss Myths That Keep You Fat Feb 17, 2024

 They’ll tell you:

  • Do this exercise to lose weight FAST
  • Follow this diet to lose weight FAST
  • Take this pill to lose weight FAST

They also tell you:

  • STOP eating carbs to lose weight
  • STOP eating fats to lose weight
  • STOP doing cardio to lose weight

You know what, It’s all...

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From Desk to Gym: 3 Key Exercises For Unbreakable Shoulders Feb 10, 2024

Last week, we uncovered the risks of standard pressing exercises for those of us tied to desks all day.

We delved into how 'beginner' routines might hurt you due to compromised shoulder mobility from endless hours of sitting.

You learned two straightforward tests to assess whether your shoulders...

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From Desk to Gym: The Hidden Dangers of 'Beginner' Gym Exercises Feb 02, 2024

If you’re new to strength training, your primary challenge is avoiding injury.

I’m not exaggerating — injuries in the gym are alarmingly common, particularly for beginners without the necessary know-how for safe training.

Starting out, you typically receive a standard beginner...

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