The #1 Truth About Losing Weight for Good (that no one dares to tell you)

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Losing weight and being lean aren’t equal.

Weight loss has no value if you can’t keep the weight off.

Most people don’t think this far ahead.

That's why 99% of overweight people will never be lean for life.

Instead, they will endlessly lose and regain weight.

It might sound harsh but it’s the truth.

The answer is simple, if you can take the truth…

The Truth About Overweight

I’m going to be brutally honest with you.

If you don’t like that, stop reading.

Here’s the real reason you’re overweight:

You want the result, but you don’t want to do the work.

99% of the time, this is the truth.

Yet, most will never admit it.

They'd rather complain about it but never look in the mirror.

They'd rather blame everything and everyone, except themselves.

They'd rather come up with excuses, without changing a thing.

It might feel good in the moment.

But what feels good now, might harm you in the future.

If you’re mad right now, that’s good.

That means I got your attention, and this message is exactly for you.

If you dare to continue reading.

If not, no big deal, you can add me to your “mad at” list.

It just proves my point.

You can hate me for saying it but that doesn’t change a thing.

You can continue living your life like nothing happened.

But let me warn you not to fall for the common weight loss trap.

The “Weight loss” Trap

“How can I lose fat fast?”

“What’s the best diet for fat loss?”

“What are the best exercises to burn belly fat?”

You know what all these questions have in common?

They’re the wrong questions.

It’s exactly this thinking process that’s the problem.

If you’re chasing the fastest, quickest, easiest or best methods, you’re doomed to fail.

You know why?

Because it’s all superficial, short term, lazy thinking.

The only way to successfully lose weight is when you keep it off— for good!

Any idea how to do that?

You need to make lifelong changes to your lifestyle.

It’s the “lifelong” part that scares the shit out of people, and that’s why the majority will never succeed.

Instead, they fall prey to the same weight loss trap, over and over.

The "Weight Loss" trap:

  • Restrictive fad diets
  • Temporary, fleeting efforts
  • Endless yo-yo dieting cycles
  • Wasting money on weight loss gimmicks
  • Chronic starvation & hunger
  • Scale weight fixation & obsession
  • Relying on shakes & supplements
  • Grueling, unsustainable workouts
  • All-or-nothing mentality

Just be honest, that doesn’t look good, does it?

The good news is, you don’t have to fall for this trap ever again.

3 Things to Get Lean For Life

There are 3 things that stand between you and a lifelong lean body.

  • Responsibility
  • Benefits
  • Change

Let me explain.

Take responsibility

Everything in your life starts with taking responsibility.

Taking responsibility means you’re in absolute control.

It also means you are to blame when things go wrong.

People don’t like that. They rather point fingers.

But remember: When you point to someone else, you point three fingers at yourself.

Want to get lean for life?

Start taking responsibility for your weight.

Drop the “benefits”

Ever heard of “secondary benefit syndrome”?

It means that the unwanted thing you’re struggling with also provides you with “benefits.”

Possible benefits related to being overweight are:

  • Sticking to known habits and routines
  • Eating for emotional reasons
  • Not wanting to make big life changes
  • Resisting more self-control and discipline
  • Making excuses to stay the same

Do you get what I mean?

These “benefits” aren’t actually beneficial. They are the real obstacles keeping you stuck.

There are a lot more examples of secondary benefits, but one thing is for sure:

It’s essential to let go of the 'benefits' that are keeping you from moving forward.

And that gets me to the last thing:

It requires change.

Embrace change

People fear change.

Change equals uncertainty.

Change often means pain or struggle.

No one likes pain and struggle. But without it, there can’t be growth.

Everyone can change, but not everyone is willing to change.

Ask yourself: Do I really want to get lean for life?

If yes, change is absolutely necessary.

Committing to change is the only way to “being lean” for life.

The Solution is “Being lean”

The solution to overweight is to shift your focus from ‘losing weight’ to ‘being lean’.

Being lean is the only healthy reason to ever lose weight.

What else is the point of losing weight?

Being lean doesn’t mean that you need a six-pack. It means that you have a healthy weight— not just for now, but for the rest of your life.

Being lean isn’t just an end goal; it’s a mindset.

The "Being Lean" mindset:

  • Long-term vision
  • Personal accountability
  • Holistic health & wellbeing
  • Sustainable lifestyle design
  • Lifelong exercise commitment
  • Nutritious eating habits
  • Elevated health standards
  • Proactive, not passive
  • Cultivating self-discipline
  • Consistency is key

The Being Lean mindset beats the Weight Loss mindset 10/10 times.

Become Lean For Life

If you’re truly done with being overweight, you have to act.

You can’t sit around complaining about a problem that you just aren’t willing to solve.

You have to stand up for yourself. You have to get honest with yourself.

Your current lifestyle has to stop!

Your new life has to get built from here.

To get you started, here are 4 honest questions to ask yourself:

  • Which lifestyle factors contribute to my overweight?
  • What changes do I need to make?
  • Do I have the necessary information and skills to make these changes?
  • Do I need help?

Please, stop accept telling yourself you don’t know how you became overweight.

Everyone knows; you just got too familiar with justifying your behavior.

Honesty is key to all goals in life.

This is your moment to embrace change. Start by answering these questions honestly, and take the first step towards a healthy, lean you.

How I Can Help You

Whenever you’re ready, this is how I can help you get lean for life:

My Lasting Lean Life online course

Over the last decade, I helped hundreds of clients lose weight and get lean.

I learned many crucial lessons about psychology, behavior change, and lifestyle transformation.

I also learned that coaching people costs a lot of time.

Time is valuable, as you know. So is my time.

That’s why coaching can be “expensive”.

In many cases, it’s also not necessary.

With the right knowledge and with authentic commitment, anyone can change their life.

Hell, you have to do the work yourself anyway.

That’s why I created Lasting Lean Life.

It’s a self-paced online course that covers everything you need to get lean for life.

But it’s not just information. It’s heavily “implementation” focused, meaning that it’s designed to bring everything you learn into practice.

The consistent implementation of the information, is the road to meaningful transformation.

Stop waiting, start doing. Unlock your Lasting Lean Life today.

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