Read This Before You Hire A Personal Trainer

Read This Before You Hire A Personal Trainer

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A great Personal Trainer can significantly boost your health, performance, and overall wellbeing.

Or, they could end up being a drain on your time, finances, or even harm you.

Coming from a Personal Trainer, I recognize that making this statement is quite the stance.

However, too often, folks end up with Personal Trainers who fail to provide the results they're after. I'm here to help you avoid that disappointment.

Here are a few things to consider before you hire a Personal Trainer.

What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

The role of a Personal Trainer might not be what you initially think.

It goes way beyond just providing workouts and diet plans.

Improving your health and fitness isn’t just about intense workouts or restrictive diets; it’s about crafting a lifestyle that's sustainable and healthy.

With so much information and advice floating around, especially online, it's easy to think a Personal Trainer might not be necessary.

You might feel confident after watching some YouTube tutorials, scrolling through fitness posts, or getting tips from friends.

But achieving lasting health and fitness goals is more complex than just following random online exercises. It's about enhancing your life in a meaningful way, aiming for long-term benefits, not just immediate results.

Personal Training is a powerful tool at your disposal for reaching those life-enhancing goals.

A capable Personal Trainer gets where you're starting from, understands what you aim to achieve, and knows exactly what it'll take to get you there.

They help you transform your life, not just to be "fit" by superficial standards.

Before deciding on a Personal Trainer, ensure they:

  • Truly listen to what you say.
  • Pose thoughtful questions that provoke reflection.
  • Challenge you to think on a deeper level.
  • Evaluate where you're starting from accurately.
  • Demand your full dedication to the process.

And most importantly, they should give you their unfiltered opinion on what’s required to accomplish your actual, life-changing goals — not just improve your aesthetics.

Essentially, they provide what you need, which might not align with what you want to hear.

Metrics That Matter

Once you recognize that the numbers on the scale, the weights on a bar, or the calories on a machine aren’t the ultimate goal, you’ll see that many PTs focus on the wrong things.

If your aim is to enhance your health, performance, and wellbeing, then it’s not the scale numbers or gym weights that count — it's the impact of your everyday actions on your real goals.

Some metrics might align with the actions that yield results, but often, they don't.

Having a high step count every day is great, but if those steps don't align with your specific needs and goals, then what’s the point?

PTs who emphasize short-term numbers over sustainable behavior changes are missing the point of what it takes to achieve lasting, meaningful results.

Here are the metrics that truly matter:

  • How often you said “NO” to things that detract from your health.
  • How often you said “YES” to actions that drive results.
  • Your consistency in executing the necessary work.
  • Your focus level during training sessions.
  • The changes you've made this week.

Pay For PT Sessions?

Here's the thing: most folks overvalue personal training sessions and undervalue lifestyle changes.

They think PT sessions are the magic ingredient, the missing link to their success.

So, what do they focus on? The cost. "How many sessions do I get and how much does it set me back per hour?"

But get this: a good PT isn’t just an expense; it’s an investment.

Sure, any trainer can make you sweat, hand you a detailed workout plan, dietary guidelines, and track your progress.

But ask yourself, is that really what you’re paying for?

Nope! You're paying for results. And how do you get those results? By putting in the work that's needed, and doing it sustainably.

A high-end PT opens your eyes to the fact that what you're actually acquiring is the skillset to achieve your goals.

Training and diet? They're just tools in your arsenal, not the goal itself. The real price is the transformation of your lifestyle— the transformation of YOU.

It's easy to get hyper-focused on the PT sessions, completely sidelining the crucial lifestyle overhaul.

Let's be real: anyone can sweat it out in a session with a PT. The real challenge, the so damn hard part, is altering your behavior— And not just for now, but for life!

More Than Just A Fitness Expert

Having a six-pack doesn’t equate to being a good coach.

Just because someone knows how to train themselves doesn't mean they've got what it takes to coach someone else. It's a whole different ball game.

Coaching experience is just as important as training experience.

Behavior change is more crucial than the session-by-session grind, so look for someone who understands your life and behavior, as well as they understand training routines and nutrition.

Just because a Personal Trainer is up on the latest workout trends doesn’t mean they grasp how your lifestyle and behaviors impact your goals.

This understanding is just as important—actually, it's even more so—than their fitness knowledge.

The Personal Trainer you hire can only be as effective as their understanding of your personal needs.

An Accelerator, Not A Magician

Even with the world's best Personal Trainer, if your effort or commitment falls short, there's not much they can do.

Sure, a top-notch PT can fast-track your success, but only if you're putting in the effort — you've got to do "the push-ups" yourself.

Thus, when you bring a Personal Trainer on board, ensure what you're contributing is just as valuable.

A Holistic Approach

Just showing up for a personal training session doesn't cut it.

Think of personal training as the gateway to a revamped lifestyle, not just a series of exercises.

Without a commitment to sustainable lifestyle changes, any short-term gains won’t stick. Your journey to better health, enhanced performance, and overall wellbeing is continuous—imagine climbing a mountain without a peak.

An experienced PT looks beyond just the workouts. They’ll consider all aspects of your life that can influence your health.

Given that gym time only accounts for about 1-2% of your week, the real game happens in the remaining 98-99%. That’s where true transformation occurs.

Ensure you choose a PT who encourages you to put in as much effort daily life as you do during your sessions.

It's a common misconception that a few gym visits can counteract poor lifestyle choices. They can't. Understanding this difference is key.

Invest in YOU

Finding the right Personal Trainer is the first rep towards a healthier life. It's a partnership where your commitment meets their expertise.

It’s an investment that pays itself back in all aspects of life.

The ROI is unmatched; no amount of money can buy its returns.

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